Restoration of buildings with monumental or personal value requires a lot of dedication and knowledge about products and possibilities.

That is why we offer suitable solutions for all restoration processes, which are consistent with the historic background of the building in question. In specific cases, this means reproductions of ceramic objects /glazing are a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution than restoration.

When creating (glaze) reproductions, we use original samples or detailed drawings to create the moulds (wood, plaster or iron). The type of clay used for, for example, a roof tile or floor tile, as well as the original production methods, are taken into account so the result matches the authenticity of the restored building.

The correct appearance is determined by the right choice of colours. When determining the colour – in glaze or matt finish, we create a series of samples that we present to you for approval before proceeding to production. You thus know exactly what to expect in advance. Reproducing ceramic objects is an intensive and skilled process.

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