Roof tile / glaze matching

Traditec WWRC offers a bespoke range of glazed roof tiles available in most tile profiles. We offer a range of colours to match old productions made by factories who are not in production anymore. These colours have been carefully created to meet heritage regulations.

If your existing colour or imagination does not match the current range, our glazing specialists will create it to your satisfaction. Regular fittings like ridges, hip tiles, eave tiles etc. are available on request. To make these beautiful coloured roof tiles we use the same techniques history teaches us.

Every roof tile is handled by our tile makers by hand, from glazing the tile, to putting it in the kiln and packing it all for shipment. Please be advised our craftsmanship takes time, so feel free to involve us in the every stage of your project

Whether the requirement is pantiles for historic restoration projects, repair work or extensions to 1930′s houses where these unique tiles have been used, we are able to match as closely as possible the designs and glazes of the original tiles.

For New Build we offer a wide range of colours in different profiles.
We offer an experienced worldwide export service for large or small roof tile projects

Glazed finishes are achieved after a second firing of the tile, on which a glazed layer has been first applied. The resulting colour is opaque, bright and very dense.

The majority of all ceramic roof tiles can be glazed.

Looking for a hard to find roof tile, feel free to upload your files here or just sent us an email.


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