Welcome to our world of magnificent beautiful glazed clay tile roofs

Glazedrooftiles.com is part of Traditec Wordwide Roofing center, international specialist in clay building products as bricks, chimneypots, floor/wall tiles, roof tiles and architectural ceramics. We bring back availability of hard to find ceramic building products. In this case we offer a wide range of glazed roof tiles to suit old historic and new build roofs.

Traditec supplier of historic value

Traditec BV cannot be summarised in a single word. Instead, think of it as a collective term for our specialisations. To start with, they include supplying and reproducing authentic roof tiles, floor tiles, bricks and (other) architectural ceramic. In other words, the eye-catching elements that make all the difference in historical buildings.

We not only supply and reproduce, but we also renovate, repair and design visions for new-build projects with a historical aspect. Traditec WWRC is not only a leading specialist in helping you to acquire the correct materials, but we also supervise the entire construction process, from the advice phase to the final inspection.

That’s what we do. But who are we?

After working almost a decade in the building industry working on historic roofs a true roof tile junkie was born. Remco Viergever founded Traditec WWRC in 2010 to fully focus on sourcing beautiful clay tile roofs around the world.

Glazedrooftiles.com is part of Traditec BV; a name that has more than proven itself in the international market. This means we can rely on worldwide partnerships with manufacturers, architects, contractors and building merchants. This comprehensive network allows Traditec WWRC to offer a unique range.

Focus on quality

The fact that we work in all corners of the world does not mean we have lost our appreciation for fineness and craftsmanship. On the contrary. When creating reproductions, we place great emphasis on the quality of the original production process. This is the only way to create an authentic appearance and realise genuine historical value.

We would like to use this website to introduce you to our comprehensive range and methods, as well as the numerous opportunities offered by Traditec WWRC.

Feel free to contact us for any questions, samples etc.

Remco Viergever



For more information about bespoke productions have a look at:
http://www.kroonkeramiek.nl or http://www.clayridgetiles.co.uk